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3 Amazing Photoshop Plugins

Plugins add extra features to an existing software application like Photoshop. There are many reasons to add plugins, depending on what the designer needs to get accomplished. Plugins are created by third party developers that want to offer something on top of what Photoshop’s software itself already offers. Designers have different opinions on which Photoshop plugins are the most useful for them, and it can certainly depend on the type of site being built. Here are three of our favorite Photoshop plugins.

1. Skeumorphism. Skeumorphism is a Photoshop extension that is best used when creating flat design. Flat design is a two dimensional, minimalist web design approach that is trending right now. Skeumorphism lets the designer remove unnecessary layers and gradients in design so flat design can be accomplished. For designers who understand how trendy flat design is, Skeumorphism is one of those must have plugins right now.

2. Adobe’s Kuler. Kuler is a color picker plugin. It allows designers to see what other color schemes people are using so they can get ideas for their own design. You can also capture colors schemes anywhere from outside and use ones you like to make themes for your own design. This is a great plugin if you need to see a variety of colors and are able to get inspiration from out of the box ideas.

3CSS3PS. CSS3PS has the ability to turn layer styles into CSS styles, which makes it simple to turn shapes into code. This allows designers to generate shadows, width and background color, gradients, transparencies and much more. The best part about this plugin is that your coding time for developers, and designs can get finished much faster.

Plugins are great for designers to experiment with. There are many different types of plugins for Photoshop, and the designers can decide which ones are best for them, depending on the type of website they want to build.  Three of our favorites include Skeumorphism, which is great for flat design, Adobe’s Kuler, which is great for picking color schemes, and CSS3PS, which turns shapes into the necessary code and speeds up coding time, saving the developer time in building the site. Depending on the type of website, Bigwig Monster Media’s Orange County based design team will use the right plugins and design trends that best showcase your brand.

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