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3 Dead Easy Tips for Eye-Catching Icons

An icon is an object that represents the brand of a company. Designing an icon can be a difficult process because it requires using one object to represent the entirety of a company’s mission. Like a school mascot, an icon serves as a metaphor for what services a company provides, as well as how the company sees itself in the world. There are many aspects that go into designing an eye -catching icon, but here are three of the most important ones.

1. Design the icon to be recognizable and memorable. The designer’s goal is to make sure the targeted icon is unforgettable and distinguishable from other competitors. Smashing Magazine, a lead innovator in icon designing, describes their process for making icons as such, “Drawing an icon means to draw the most typical characteristics of an object so that it can capture the icon’s action or represent the concept and nuance” (Smashing Magazine). In other words, the designer must make the icon recognizable while also making it distinguishable from others by adding a creative, unique twist to it.

2. Design the icon using a good color combination and unique shape. If an icon is designed by using a bland, ho-hum color scheme, it will easily be overlooked. Website pages have a lot of different colors and content on them, so the icon itself needs to have contrasting colors that stand out. The use of irregular colors and an irregular shape will help to bring out the memorable contrast needed. A boring circle, square, or other pixel will not work; and in this case, the more unusual the icon, the better.

3. Design the icon to be versatile, so it fits into a variety of projects. Designers should focus on ensuring that the icon can be made both large and small, depending on the venue. Pick a shape and color scheme that has this versatility, so the icon can work within any context. There’s a definite balance to be made between making the icon unique and making it easily versatile, and designers have to strike that delicate balance.

An icon is an object that represents the fabric and brand of a company. Having a memorable and easily recognizable icon is imperative for businesses to grow their brand and expand their marketing efforts. Bigwig Monster Media’s L.A. based, experienced design team has created unusual, versatile and memorable logos for a wide variety of companies.


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