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5 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Web Design Firm

Choosing a web design firm can be overwhelming.  But like choosing any vendor or business partner, it should be approached as an interview, where you ask questions that help you identify if the web design firm can meet your needs.

To help you with your search, we’ve identified the following 5 questions to ask or actions to take that will help you select the right web design firm for your project:

  1. How is their service? Yes of course technical details and capabilities are important, but without good service, they will only take you so far. Will your account get a dedicated project manager? Do they have a content management system? What is their turnaround time?  Answering these questions will help you get a sense of how they will partner with you to successfully complete your project.
  2. Who are they? What does the team look like and have they worked together before?  Is there a solid team in place or are they a sole proprietor who will tackle the entire project from soup to nuts on their own?
  3. How will they measure and track results? A website is ultimately a tool to generate leads for your business. There should be a discussion of analytical tools in place that will help you track results; this includes unique visitors, bounce rate, conversions, etc. It should also include a discussion about landing pages.
  4. Have they completed projects with a similar scope?  If so, can they show you the work and provide you references?  It helps if the firm has the capability to do a wide range of designs as well.
  5. How is your pricing structured? Regarding pricing, is it fixed or will design or other changes add to the price? Also, how will they handle ongoing changes? Will they charge you every time you need an update or will they create a content management system that allows you to make many changes on your own?

They key is to understand what you will be signing up for prior to making a purchasing decision.  You also want to ensure that the web design firm you hire are in sync with your needs and have the capabilities to deliver on the scope of the project.  At the end of the day, you want to hire a partner that will deliver an amazing website and also understands how to generate leads that will bring home the bacon.

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