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Designing a Site Without Sacrificing Personality

It can be tricky to make a site both functional and aesthetically attractive, just like it’s difficult to make an attractive and fully functional new vehicle or IPod. Personality in design is very important as it sets your brand apart from other competitors, and the struggle lies in implementing it while maintaining a solid, well built web design. Here are three important tips to keep in mind for designing a website with both functionality and personality.

1. Focus on brand traits. If you are designing the site for a customer, focus on what their brand is and how they want it presented to the world. For example, if the company is a spa, the designer should use calming colors and softer text to portray the brand. Start by jotting down a few ideas or words that describe the brand of the company, then think about images that correlate to these words. When the user looks at the images/typography on the website, they will assume the site is a good example of the services they want or need to be delivered.

2. Use visual terminology. Typography and color scheme should be planned out and prepared before the design is even begun. If you need help on this, look back to point #1. Basic typography is easy to read and functional, making the website appear simple, organized, and functional. Attractive typography that is targeted towards a specific audience will attract users to the site and increase conversion rates.

3. Maintain quality and organization. This is where mixing personality and functionality can get tricky. It may be best to leave out a disorganized web structure, even if your personality says otherwise. Remember that you are designing the website for users, not for yourself. There are ways to make a website quirky and fun, while having navigational links in order and a consistent color scheme that showcases your brand.

There are many ways for designers to market a brand while maintaining both functionality and personality. Of course a website must work well, or the personality of the website won’t matter. However, focusing on brand traits, using visual terminology, and maintaining quality and organization will help designers build a functional, intuitive website without sacrificing personality. Bigwig Monster Media’s Los Angeles based digital design agency has the creative team to help make this a reality.

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