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Designing the Words: Why Copywriting is a Design Issue

Imagine a perfectly conceptualized and executed intuitive website design interface, complete with excellent color palette, banners, graphics, pictures, and overall structure and functionality. Imagine the perfection of the first impression. Now, imagine you begin to read the copy and find that the grammar, sentence structure, syntax and other readability issues render the website nearly impossible to understand. How are your customers going to feel about a website they can’t decipher? How do you feel when you encounter one? More than likely the answer to both is uncomfortable.

A terrific-looking website is just half the battle. Your website developer should hire a professional copywriter (or use a professional in-house copywriter) to ensure the copy is impeccable. Many times, copy is outsourced to writers from other countries, or, to low-paid writers to save money. But how much are you actually saving if your copy repels rather than grips a customer? If a customer is confused about information they are reading, contradictory information, nonsensical information, or simply are offended by the lack of inclusion of good grammar on a website, you’ve more than likely lost a customer for good. And it will be a recurring occurrence.

Good copy embraces and maintains attention of a core demographic. Well written text keeps your audience engaged and interested in fresh, on-topic, and relevant copy. If your copy is boring, uninteresting, irrelevant or simply grammatically incorrect, you’ll lose, or offend your audience. A good copywriter is worth the price to ensure your readers are engrossed in your content. The collaboration between you and your web developer most likely resulted in a phenomenal web design interface. Don’t let bad copy compromise your hard work.

Good copy is also necessary for SEO efforts. For good SEO, you may want to link your site to well-written articles, press releases, micro-sites and other sites. Additionally, blogging should be well-written. Many website owners utilize copywriters to write blogs because blogging is time consuming. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this practice, your copywriter should have a clear grasp on use of tone, business practices, and meaningful messaging to the audience.

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