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Emotional Design for Websites – How to evoke emotions in viewers through design.

Anyone who understands how people buy knows it is not only a logical decision, but an emotional one that compels them to buy. This is why companies are very particular when creating their logos and branding campaigns. Everything from design to color can impact a person’s impression of your company. Brand experience design agencies such as BigWig recommend going even further to evoke emotional responses in your viewers that will create an even more compelling connection to your brand.

Here are the top four ways to use emotion to improve your engagement with customers through your website:

#1 – Understand your audience: Having an agency that can help you track and build marketing data allows you to customize your content to fit your customer’s needs and desires. What is the demographic of your audience? Do they have children? What stressors worry them on a daily basis? The goal of working with an agency to build up this type of intelligence on your customers is that it allows you to understand what motivates them so that you can customize content and the website experience to give them the ultimate connection to you.

#2 – Be aware of the power of color: Blacks and grays can portray professionalism and authority. Blues and greens can evoke calm. A good designer can help you ensure your logo and color scheme evoke the emotions that are most desirable for visitors on your website to stay engaged.

#3 – Identify the emotions you want to evoke: Most companies and their brands will want to evoke positive emotions from their viewers. Identify the top emotions you want people to experience when they are on your website – Is it exclusivity? Is it surprise? Is it heartfelt emotions? In order to design your website for maximum effectiveness, you want to know your customers, know what emotion you want to evoke in them, and then design accordingly.

#4 – Images are critical: We have all heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Your website, of course, needs images. But these images should be chosen carefully and in conjunction with the marketing intelligence you gained in tip #1. You want the images to speak as powerfully as the text, and ensure that they are evoking the emotional response you desire from your customers.

There are many ways to design your website in order to evoke emotions from your customers. A brand experience design agency can you help you create a website that delivers a powerful, and personal, connection to your brand.

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