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Evolution of a Brand: How a design agency can help your brand evolve.

Your branding is a critical part of your companies’ value and name recognition in the marketplace.  How people interact with and perceive your brand determines how lasting the impression is.  But your brand, just like your company, evolve over time. It is important that you consciously and strategically plan the evolution of your brand.

Hiring an experiential design agency can be extremely helpful; you can focus on your core business and growth, while the agency can assist you in a strategic planning of your brand evolution.

Here are the top five tips we recommend for planning your strategic brand evolution:

  1. Plan for the future: Sit down with the agency you have hired to discuss in more depth where your company is, and where it came from. Discuss the re-branding or evolution strategy in the context of where you are now, and where you want to be in 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years.
  2. Quantify brand equity: If you have a solid brand and marketplace identification, you don’t want to summarily dismiss that; you want to bring your existing fans/customers along with you for the re-branding ride.  Discuss with your brand experience design agency about whether you need a freshening up of your brand or a complete overhaul, and how to deliver this in a way that your existing customer base doesn’t feel left out of the process.
  3. Tell a new story: The evolved brand should not simply be a change of logo colors.  Tell a new story and engage current and new customers with an experiential campaign that launches with the evolved brand.
  4. Backup your story with action: If you’re re-branding states “best customer service” for example, make sure that you live up to your slogan.  If customer returns are difficult or your customer service is poor in general, a re-branding campaign based on service will fall short of expectations.
  5. Engage your customers: An experiential brand agency can help you engage your customers in the process of your re-branding.  Imagine a contest where your followers/fans/customers get to suggest and/or vote on the evolution of your brand. . . and earn a reward from your company in the process.  This allows your re-branding campaign to merge with an experiential marketing campaign that keeps your customers highly engaged and excited.

The bottom line is your brand will need to evolve to keep up with the evolution of your company and the marketplace.  Hiring an experiential brand agency can help you gain a fresh perspective, plan strategically, and ensure your new brand fully engages your existing customer base as well as maintaining a focus on expansion. Bigwig Monster Media is a brand experience design agency located in the greater Los Angeles area and we can help your your business stay competitive with a fresh brand.

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