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Experiential Marketing: Getting your Customers Engaged with Your Brand

Brand engagement is a broad and versatile term to describe the process of getting consumers involved and hopefully enamored with your product or service. It requires that you find ways for consumers to respond to your brand, compelling them to step away from their busy scheduled to interact, participate with it, and eventually recommend it.

True brand engagement should lead consumers down a path where they are impacted by the product or service, moving them into positive engagement with the brand in a way that will drive increased sales and profitability.

In this process, creativity is key.  Ask yourself, how can I help my customers connect with my brand? In Martin Lindstrom’s book Brand Sense, the study revealed that “the more sensory memories activated, the greater the bond the customer has with the brand.” A sensory interaction is very powerful, bonding the consumer to the brand, whether it is for very practical daily applications, or for the cache of exclusivity.


The Ford Interactive Wall was developed to get potential customers more involved and excited about a multitude of Ford car models at marketing events.

One recent example is the brand Free People.  They engaged their 200,000 plus Pinterest page followers with exclusive access to pre-order a limited edition holiday dress; this drove brand engagement, revenue and word of mouth marketing.

Another example of unique brand engagement is New Balance sneakers introduced an interactive customization kiosk at the flagship Footlocker store in Times Square. Shoe buyers were able customize everything on their sneakers, from laces to fabrics. New Balance then broadened their exposure of this special event by utilizing posts on social media to bring people into the store to experience the customization tool firsthand.

This is the age of the convergence of multiple methods to reach consumers.  There is also an effective merger of traditional out-of-home media with social media and mobile to substantially increase brand engagement.

The beauty in the complexity of reaching out to people in varying ways is that it can produce an experience that is so unique and compelling that your consumers build your brand exponentially through  social media, mobile and word of mouth.

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