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Experiential Marketing: What is it and what does it look like?

Experiential marketing is the next wave of marketing that engages clients in an entirely new, interactive way.  It allows customers to “experience” your product in a way that involves multiple senses – touch, taste, feel, etc.

Traditional advertising (i.e. Radio, TV) while still powerful, is being eclipsed by consumer experience.  Facebook and social media spearheaded a new, interactive way of using and recommending brands that put the consumer in the driver’s seat.  Now companies don’t just brand themselves and watch responses of consumers; actually consumers actively impact the brand in a collective marketplace.

Experiential marketing is the next evolution of this consumer focused experience.  Bombarded by advertising, consumers wants to experience products firsthand to see how these products fit into their daily lives and fulfill their needs. Experiential is exactly that – integrating consumer logic with their emotional response of experiencing the product makes it that much more impactful and personal.

So how does experiential marketing work?  Here are a few examples that will give you a sense of the magnitude of experience that the customer receives when compared with traditional marketing:


The Brisk Bodega app was designed and developed by Bigwig Monster Media to create an interactive, social experience for Brisk’s clientele. The app featured Brisk products, social media integration and the Brisk Bodega website all accessible from within the app allowing users to interact with Brisk and their community.


Ford utilized a portable sweepstakes engine, Motorvator, for sponsored events. This exciting and interactive slot machine user interface, located on physical touch-screen kiosks, presented participants the opportunity to instantly win various merchant prizes.

These are all great examples of how experiential marketing raises the bar of consumer experience by engaging them in new and personal ways.

When a consumer successfully experiences a product or service in a unique way, they become evangelists that can spread the word about what you have to offer as a third party who is neutral, versus you touting your own greatness.  When consumers have an unforgettable experience with your product or service, they become a powerful advocate to grow YOUR brand in the marketplace. Experiential marketing can help you ingrain your company and brand into the minds of consumers in a very powerful way.

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