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How to Find Mobile App Designers in Your Area

If you have a new idea for a mobile application, or have come to the conclusion that your company should expand its mobile presence, how do you begin to look for a mobile app designer in your area?

Once you have outlined the scope of work and have an estimated budget, you need to begin searching for mobile app developers in a way that ensures you are getting a well-qualified designer that can deliver on your project. The best approach is a methodical one that includes evaluating key criteria for each firm that you interview for the work.

Here are the top five items to evaluate when choosing a mobile app designer:

1. Location helps: While you can work remotely, utilizing technology to stay in connection with your app developer, it can be helpful to have someone in your area to sit down with face to face. Finding someone in your city or region can make it easier to plan face to face meetings when the need arises.

2. Assess their expertise: Review the app designer’s portfolio to understand the breadth of their expertise as well as the elements of previous work that you like. This will help you to determine if their approach to style and user interface is in line with what you are looking for. Also gather some references and be sure to check them.

3. Approach it holistically: App building is an ongoing process which requires collaboration between you and the mobile app designer/developer. It helps if you have chemistry with the designer and feel you can build a relationship that is conducive to this type of project. It also helps if you are both passionate about the project as a whole, and how it plays into your business goals.

4. Put design above price: Building an app involves much more than just a developer creating code – creating a functional user experience as well as an attractive design, combined with hosting, advertising and testing considerations is a complex undertaking. Don’t chase the cheapest development cost at the expense of the overall product.

5. Ask Questions: Ask questions about the process, how you will communicate throughtout, as well as what components of the scope they do or don’t provide (i.e. will they submit your app to the app store?). Also dig in about non-disclosure agreements and copyrights. It is critical to have an in-depth discussion prior to hiring a mobile app designer to ensure that you minimize surprises, that you understand their approach, and that you can plan for the process.

With some research, due diligence and reference checking, you can find a qualified firm in your area to help you develop your mobile app. Mobile app designers in your area should be ready and willing to answer questions, discuss their portfolio and help guide you through the process of establishing your mobile app presence.

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