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Impact of M commerce on the shopping season.

Mobile commerce, also known as mcommerce, has been gaining traction in recent years and with the proliferation of mobile devices, this trend will only continue. According to eMarketer, 15% of online retail sales in 2013 will be via a mobile device. And they estimate that mcommerce sales will reach almost $40 million this year.

With Thanksgiving and Hanukkah behind us, and Christmas right around the corner, what does the increase in mcommerce mean for the holiday shopping season? All signs seem to indicate that it means the mobile trend just continues to grow. Within that growth there are some key trends that are popping up:

Key Trend #1 – Mobile or Die: EBay Marketplaces President Devin Wenig spoke with The Wall Street Journal to discuss how their approach to mobile has transformed exponentially in recent years. Wenig states that in previous years they did not sell even one automobile per year on mobile, however, now they exceed upwards of 10,000 sales per week! The landscape is changing and requiring that e-tailers and brick and mortar retailers make mobile a critical part of their business strategy.

Key Trend #2 – Mobile web versus mobile app: Editorial Director Marcelo Ballve spoke recently CNBC and the top three retail companies dominating the mobile mcommerce space were Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. While having a mobile app can be important for certain retailers, mobile commerce designers will tell you that mobile web is just as critical. People search the web looking for items and they expect the websites to be as slick as any app.

Key Trend #3 – Multi Device Shopping: Now more than ever, your mobile commerce strategy should be optimized for all devices – Desktop, tablets and smartphones. Often times people begin shopping on a desk, move to a tablet, and complete the purchase on a smartphone; or vice versa. The bottom line is people are accessing their shopping process across multiple devices, so optimizing your web app for all devices is essential.

Key Trend #4 – Social versus Retail: With the recent statistic that Amazon has more mobile only users in the United States than Facebook, the question becomes, what is more important, social or retail? Retail via mcommerce is obviously gaining critical mass, however, comScore discusses the increased of “social commerce.” For example Pinterest has seen a 25% increase in “pins” driving sales over last year.

It is more than apparent that mcommerce is growing in popularity in record numbers. Your business will need to be ready, with a qualified mobile commerce designer, to help you plan your mobile strategy so that you optimize it across all devices to grow your sales.

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