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In Defense of Stock Photos

As a designer, you have to look for a multitude of images every day to use for your web designs. Using your own professional photographer to take the exact photos that you want is the ideal solution. However, this can be an expensive and timely process that is unreasonable for a busy designer. It’s much simpler to find and use stock photos for the bulk of your images, or a supply of photographs online taken by other photographers of common places, events, and people. Here are some of the benefits of using stock photos in your web design.

1. Cost and time effective. When you use a personal photographer, or take pictures yourself, there are a lot of hoops that you have to jump through. You have to find time to take the exact photographs that you need, and you have to hire someone to take them for you. Then you have to go through the process of editing the images, and this can be timely and expensive. When you browse and use the hundreds of stock photos available online, you spend much less time and money overall. Though stock photos can sometimes cost money, they are sold on a royalty free basis and can be purchased once and used time and time again.

2. Great quality and huge variety. Because stock libraries are subject to very strict editing procedures, the quality of them is very high. There are many different types of stock photos that include a variety of themes. Designers have a plentitude amount of options to choose from when they search for the exact photos they need.

3. Good for background images and generic themes. Many designers complain that stock photos are too generic and mundane. But sometimes you need photographs exactly like that for the background of your web design. Stock photo libraries have a large variety of background images of cities and nature. Even if you need a filler generic person, there are several options of stock photos that include just that. The good thing about using generic photographs is that they are universally understood. In other words, the pictures are generic enough so they are effective no matter where or who you are.

Of course, the very qualities that make stock photos beneficial also give credence to its critics. Depending on your web design goals, you may need to use a professional photographer for specific images, such as the exterior of your office building or people in your office. However, for every day designing, using stock photos is the most timely, cost effective way to get a variety of choices of images that have excellent quality. Our Orange County based digital design firm can work with you to use the best images for your web design, albeit it stock photos or whatever else suits your specific needs.

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