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Incorporating Vintage Aesthetics in Design

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at old- fashioned artifacts, clothing, and scenery? There is a psychological component involved to it, as people form a bond of familiarity with a new brand or service because of their current bond with old -fashioned images and memorabilia.  The result is that users feel secure purchasing or utilizing new services, which only helps the businesses existing brand and commerce. Depending on the type of website involved, vintage design may be something for businesses to consider. Here are four ways to incorporate vintage aesthetics in your web design.

1. Clothing and fashion styles.  Using imagery of old fashioned clothing styles and hairdos are a fun way to add vintage aesthetics to your web design.  Famous pictures, such as the “We Can Do It” image, work really well because most users already know and enjoy the picture.

2. Vintage typography. There are many free vintage fonts that go well with old- fashioned imagery you may use. Three of our favorites include Glassor, which is excellent for posters and logos, Vincent, which was made for titles, and Betty Noir, which is a great comical and lettering font.

3. Old-fashioned scenery & artifacts. Think pictures of old New York, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, circa 1962. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you look at that image. Use old-fashioned gadgets and technology, even if you are promoting new technology or new products. For example, use an old-fashioned radio, cassette, record player, or typewriter. The connection will increase between what the user knows from history, and what they will want to know about your product, (no matter how modern the product or service you are trying to sell.)

4. Vintage textures. Use certain backgrounds with a vintage feel to them when you design your website. There are a lot of vintage textures for different time periods, but some of our free favorites include Vintage XII, Victorian Wallpaper, and Vintage Polka Dot Texture. Background texture designs are good in certain circumstances, depending on what other images and typography are put on the screen with it.

There are many ways to bring comfort and familiarity to the user you are trying to entice. Depending on the type of business you have, using vintage aesthetics in your web design is one way to accomplish the latter. Using old- fashioned clothing and fashion styles, vintage typography and texture, and famous setting and artifact photos are all ways to capture the user’s interest and trust. Bigwig Monster Media has several low cost web designs that can incorporate vintage aesthetics into your design.

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