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Industry Pioneers: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple

Apple was co-founded by Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne in 1976 with the sole purpose of selling personal computers. Jobs and Wozniak began selling and building Apple out of Job’s garage. Wayne was responsible for drawing the first Apple for logo, and for writing the partnership agreement between the three men. Wayne isn’t as well known as Wozniak and Jobs because he left the company after only twelve days. Despite some ups and downs in market share value, Apple has maintained its top status as a major pioneer in the computer industry. According to journalist Cyras Farivar, Apple “has had a profound impact on technology, innovating and influencing not only how we use computers but the activities for which what we use them” (30 Years of Apple: Assessing Apple’s Impact 2006).


•Apple was founded in April of 1976 in Job’s garage.
•Apple’s first Apple computer release was in July of 1976.
•First iPad release was in 2010.
•Roughly half of all Americans now own an Apple product.
•There are roughly 1 million people who visit an Apple store each day.
•Apple’s net worth stands at approximately 185 billion, and counting.

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