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Injecting Confidence into Mobile Commerce with Design

Mobile commerce is the process of delivering electronic commerce to mobile phones, or other wireless outlets. The phenomenon is an offshoot of ecommerce, which is primarily directed towards desktop computers, and began well before mobile commerce. Mobile commerce started back in 1997, and has now become a global commodity due to IPhones, smartphones, and other wireless devices. The number of individuals who purchased something on their mobile phones last year was roughly at 30%, and as this number continues to increase. As more users make purchases through mobile phones, web designers incorporate mcommerce into a business’s web design package. Here are three steps designers need to take when creating a mobile commerce platform for businesses.

1. Keep it simple. Designers need to create a site that is easily comparable to the actual website. It also needs to be organized with a coordinated color scheme. This way, users will remember the website, and have a better user experience. Facebook and Amazon are great examples of web designs that incorporate these qualities, and their success is evidence of a working mobile commerce strategy.

2. Design so customers want to come back. One way to go about this is for designers to make sure that customers don’t have to re-enter their information every time they come back to the website. If a business wants customers to be frequent buyers, the process should be as simple and quick as possible. Designers can also make it so the site remembers the buyer’s old purchases so it is easier for customers to re-purchase them when they return to the site.

3. Think small when you design. The design being created is made for a smaller screen, as it is viewed on a mobile device. The designer needs to remember this because the entire layout of the design is viewed differently from a smaller perspective. Again, this relates to making sure the site is responsive and simple, because the design needs to be different than what it would be for a regular desktop.

The increasing number of purchases made through mobile phones, coupled with the sales generated from these purchases makes mobile commerce a very important commodity. The best designers incorporate simplicity, organization, and an incentive for customers to return in their mobile commerce web design plans. Bigwig Monster Media has many low cost, high quality options available that can suit businesses of all stripes.

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