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Intuitive Web Design – Anticipate the needs of your customers.

Website design is not only a science, it is truly an art. As the market transforms with the explosion of mobile devices, more than ever it is critical that your web design is created with the user in mind.  How will the user access the website? On what devices will they access it?  Is it intuitive to use?

“Intuitive web design” is a term coined to describe this detailed and comprehensive approach to web design. If your website is user-friendly, you have a higher probability that people will access it for longer periods of time and for example, not abandon a shopping cart prior to completion of a purchase. Intuitive design aims to create the website with the user process in the forefront so that both you and the customer get the best experience and results.

A website is intuitive when it meets certain basic criteria:

  • There are no speed bumps or glitches in the process of user experience (i.e. the shopping cart and process to complete a purchase is simple and icons are clearly positioned)
  • If processes are not extremely easy, then instructions for the user must be very obviously displayed to guide them.

The key to intuitive web design is that it must adapt well to how the majority of users will access and utilize your site.  An experienced web designer can develop your site to overcome this knowledge gap.  Ideally you want to design a website that is so easy to use, customers won’t even realize how much time was spent planning all of the content and processes.  That is the irony of intuitive design – while it will enhance your results through SEO or increased sales, it is almost an invisible part of the design.  Users will notice something is wrong only when they hit a snag in the experience with your website.

To really increase the ROI on your website, and to ensure it plays a strategic role in building your brand and your business, you need to ensure that your website is intuitive and easy to use.  You want users to be impressed by their experience, share it with others in their circle and on social media, and return to it  often.  An intuitive web design can help you achieve all of this, improving user experience and your bottom line.


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