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New Trends in Ecommerce

Ecommerce is in a constant state of evolution.  There are numerous innovations in how and where ecommerce is headed. Mobile is a big trend that just continues to increase exponentially and drive the way the user experience is created. While innovation is happening in many ways to ecommerce as a platform, these four areas are trending:

1. Proliferation of Mobile: The explosion of smartphones and tablets are driving growth of ecommerce. These users tend to be responsive to video content including entertainment as a critical marketing piece for these channels – these elements create an impactful user experience otherwise known as gamification. As the mobile trend continues, you will have to ensure your site is optimized across devices and has an engaging and user friendly mobile platform.

 2. Design: The biggest trend in this segment is definitely “Responsive web design (RWD)” also abbreviated as simply Responsive Design. This is not new but it is getting more attention as mobile becomes the format where a consumer experience begins. Responsive design approaches site design and ecommerce platforms with the optimal viewing and interactive experience across a range of devices so that they are equally engaging and responsive.  Specific design elements of successful ecommerce sites seem to revolve around the cart – Is there an image of all items displayed in the cart page? Is there a “continue shopping” button in the cart section? Is the return policy clearly spelled out on this page?

 3. Cross channel collaboration: Consumers are looking more and more to peers through social media and networks to help them make decisions when shopping online. Statistics say that upwards of 56% of online shoppers abandon their carts because they are not ready to make the purchase. If consumers can collaborate easily by finding opinions and advice throughout their ecommerce shopping experience, then abandonment rates can be reduced.

 4. Speed & Accessibility: Your ecommerce site must load quickly – it is even surmised that 3 seconds could be too slow!  In addition to the speed of loading on ALL devices, shoppers want quick and free delivery of items as well as a flexible return policy. More than ever, consumers want the convenience of shopping in store merged with that of online shopping.

Ecommerce is the future, and the future is now.  More than ever, ecommerce is a fundamental and necessary way to do business.  Ecommerce leaders will continue to expand into multi-channel marketing and into traditional marketing sectors.  The key for gathering consumers is to provide them with the ease of online buying access they expect, but with the collaborative support and experience necessary to drive their decisions to buy.

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