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Out of Style Web Design Trends

2014 is a new year with fresh web design trends hitting the scene. Trends in the digital age are fleeting because of the vast daily advances and changes in technology. Experiential design agencies understand the importance of taking advantage of intuitive design trends as they come, and letting go of the ones that are out of date. Here are some of the more outdated web design trends that designers should leave behind in the past where they belong.

1. Endless Pages. Not too long ago, endless scrolling on pages was considered quite trendy. There are some positives to endless scrolling, as it allows more content to load as opposed to having to use navigational arrows. However, designers now are looking to limit endless pages by focusing on cutting back on unimportant content. In other words, less is often more. One -page web designs with navigational links that take users to where they need to go are becoming the new, defining trend.

2. Unrealistic Photos. Generic stock photos taken from any number of image sites are useful for some purposes, but often defeat the intent of the website. Designers need to shy away from generic photos with groups of people unrelated to the company, as they make the company’s brand less realistic. The newer trend is to take real photos from company events, or inside the office. This gives the mission of the company a more human, verifiable quality. It also puts real, live faces to a brand.

3. Mixed Fonts. Remember MySpace? A lot of people enjoyed MySpace at first because it allowed users to be creative with their own site and design it the way they wanted. However, MySpace died out for a reason: it was unorganized, messy, and cluttered. Mixing fonts for a purpose of making a site unique quite often backfires on the designer and company. Uniformity, clarity, and organization reflect on the company itself. It’s better to have matching fonts, especially when words are side by side.

Intuitive web design is always changing as advances in technology happen on a rapid, daily basis. Designers must keep up to date with trends in the digital age, as they want to effectively represent their clients online. Some dying trends in 2014 are endless pages, unrealistic stock photos, and fonts that are mixed and unorganized. Bigwig Monster Media understands how to make a user friendly, intuitive web design that utilizes all of the freshest trends available.

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