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Places in Your Town to Find Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t always come from a web page, or even another designer. Many times, inspiration comes in the form of an encounter, a national park, a movie, a sunset, or in a variety of other ways. After doing some research, and speaking with many of our designers, Bigwig Monster Media came up with a consensus of general places to go when looking for design inspiration. These sources exist in every city throughout the country in some form or another. Here are three of our favorite suggestions.

1. The Great Outdoors. This is so broad of a suggestion that it really depends on what kind of “outdoors” you live around. Parks, the beach, a hiking trail, or backyards in the woods can provide design inspiration. The way the outdoors looks in certain weather-be it rain, nighttime, snow, sunshine, etc., can give a different perspectives on an outdoor scene. Even big cities with lots of people have plenty of inspiration available. It all depends on the type of image or idea someone is looking for, and where he or she need to find it. Don’t have time to go outside? Look in old National Geographic photos or Travel magazines.

2. Displays (Food, Flowers, Etc). Anyone who goes to restaurants knows that display is just as, if not more, important than taste. Visual effects can influence appetite, which is why some people have trouble eating things like cottage cheese, as its appearance isn’t the most attractive. Even if you don’t go out to eat very often, you can see pictures on instagram of food displays that will make your mouth water. Flower displays are another good source of inspiration. They can help with color schemes and texture, (especially if using Photoshop layering techniques). Simply think of what type of image you are trying to design, and look for a display that might capture a similar image.

3. Movies & Television. Watching your favorite movies and television shows will be a source of inspiration without even having to think about it. Movies and television series tell a story, which is the same goal of web design: telling a story about a brand. Figure out what the plot, or storyline of a movie or TV. show is, and think about how you could relate that to the story and aesthetic of web design.

There are many ways to find inspiration for a number of artistic endeavors: be it art, a book idea, and especially, web design. Web design involves telling a story through navigation, functionality, and aesthetics (imagery). Sources such as the great outdoors, displays, and movies/television, are just a few of the most popular places that our experiential design team goes for ideas.

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