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Privacy & Security on Mobile Devices

When businesses are hiring a web design team, they must remember the importance of implementing privacy and security features as part of the overall design. Ensuring that security is built within web and mobile apps are a top priority for customers who make purchases online using private information. Businesses also create credibility for themselves because security features boost customer confidence in the company. Here are three reasons why having a secure web and mobile app design strategy is vital for businesses.

1. A secure website and mobile application means a secure brand. First impressions are very important, but especially when dealing with personal information like names, credit cards, and social security numbers. If a website or mobile app is easy to breach, and information can be easily stolen, the brand of the company itself can often times, if not, be destroyed. The customer’s ability to trust their private information with a website and mobile app means that they can trust (and recommend) the services that your business provides.

2. A secure website and mobile app is one less thing for a business to worry about. Insecure web and mobile app designs can create a real headache for businesses. If private information is breached, the consequences can be disastrous for both the customer and the reputation of the company itself. The work that it can take to re-build the image of a company’s security, coupled with the loss of trust in its services, is something that no entrepreneur wants to worry about. Having a secure web and mobile app design can create a less stressful experience for both the business and the customer.

3. Having customer trust is the top priority for every business. Customers have gone through every avenue to find the service they want. They finally settle on using your website/ mobile app to utilize your services. It’s taken long enough for them to reach that point, and there are already other avenues trying to compete with your services. The last thing a business needs is to lose customers because of security and privacy concerns. No matter how fantastic the product is that your company showcases; a customer does not want to jeopardize their private information. Secure trust in the services that your business provides.

Bigwig Monster Media understands the importance of creating a secure website and mobile app for your customers to utilize. Website and mobile app security features incentivize customers to remain loyal, and to build trust in the services themselves. The brand of a company depends on the reputation, and security features strengthen this overarching goal. There are several affordable, high quality options that Bigwig’s web and mobile app designers offer that implements security and privacy features for your company’s needs.


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