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SEO: The Dos and Don’ts of Linking

Linking helps increase Google Page Rank, thereby increasing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is much controversy over linking.  Because search engines are constantly changing the methods by which they monitor linking, it is important to keep up with the dos and don’ts of linking.

An important tip is to ensure anchor text is more than just a topic. Anchor text is the title of a link. When the link is clicked, the viewer will be directed to an external link. Using the actual name of the site or the linked article is not good linking practice. Additionally, never use the words  “website” or “link” as anchor text, and avoid using URLs or domains as anchor text. Search engines use anchor text to determine what the target page is about and thus, which queries are relevant.

Good anchor text is a topical article title, such as “Great Ways to Optimize Your Website.”  This anchor text could be linked to an article that describes the best practices in SEO.  In essence, Google prefers  anchor text that has relevant content, uses high-ranked, relevant keywords, and is linked to “naturally” acquired links.

Good SEO efforts include: creating fresh, original content, staying up to date on trends, providing material, or writing about subjects that have not been overly used.

With the creation of Google’s Post Panda/Penguin  update, Google began  scrutinizing  inbound links that use the same anchor text.  Too many inbound links to a page with anchor texts using the same keywords may cause Google to scrutinize that site link’s profile more closely. Bottom line: don’t use manipulative methods to acquire keyword-rich anchor text.

At BigWig, our highly knowledgeable and skilled SEO experts ensure your optimization follows current rules and trends of Google, and other search engine monitoring practices. Ensure your Search Engine Optimization is not doing your website more harm than good.  BigWig can help you optimize your website today.

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