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Technology is becoming more mobile-centric

Mobile technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to connect and consume.  As technology evolves, it is revolving more and more around mobile devices; Mobile app design is exploding.  Responsive web design (RWD) was pivotal to ensuring that websites functioned equally as well across all platforms and all devices.  Apps are the new wave, allowing for a very personal and interactive experience with consumers.

Mobile app designers are keenly aware that consumer experience with a brand is converging with mobile devices.  A good app designer will know that they must design something that is powerful, and that also creates an engaging user experience, while keeping the simplicity of user engagement on a mobile device in mind.


vFit is an example of how BGWG has pushed the limits of application development. vFit is the only shoe fitting technology that allows online shoe buyers the ability to compare the exact shape of their feet to the inside shape of shoes to visualize and determine the best size and fit.

Mobile technology related to commerce, including loyalty programs and point-of-sale (POS) systems, have increased rapidly over the last year. Front Flip is just one example of a loyalty card utilized as a mobile app. They distinguish themselves through rich customer data analytics and targeted promotional ads. Another example is Key Rings Reward Cards app that scan each loyalty card’s barcodes; when you’re at the checkout counter, you just hand over the device to the cashier and let them scan the barcode for your loyalty points.

Giant player eBay is betting big on the growth in mobile commerce as well.  The online retailer revealed a three year growth plan that focuses primarily on mobile commerce and consumers.  Studies seem to affirm eBay’s strategy, suggesting that mobile checkout systems will triple over the next three to five years.

At BIGWIG, we encourage our clients to move in the direction of the mobile-centric world. Mobile is driving evolution in technology, and mobile app users are increasingly more significant than desktop. For example, the iOS app we built for vFit – a one of a kind shoe fitting technology that allows online shoe shoppers the ability to compare the exact shape of their feet to the inside shape of a pair of shoes to determine the best size and fit before purchasing – encourages mobile commerce by giving the consumer interactive tools to assist them during the purchasing process.

A savvy app designer will ensure that your user experience and related technology is mobile centric, and that it also delivers an engaging user experience; Getting consumers engaged with your brand through a focus on the delivery of a solid mobile technology that could increase your market share and exposure.

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