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The Best Time to Redesign Your Website

How does a company know that it’s time to redesign their website? Updates and redesigns are always encouraged because design trends change and a company’s branding needs to change.  Redesigns can be a daunting and expensive process, so it’s good to know what key signs to look for when making the final decision to redesign a site. Here are four of the most important reasons to rebrand or update a website.

1. The business has recently changed. Has the business taken on different responsibilities, changed its mission, or switched owners? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade the site to reflect these brand changes. If the website is left the same when the company changes, then the website will no longer reflect the business goals of the company.

 2. The business is not generating a satisfactory amount of revenue from the website. Maybe the company has more people coming in to the store and so it’s been hard to notice the lack of online sales. Since people are more willing to shop online, however, there’s something wrong with a site that doesn’t generate enough revenue. Redesign the site to to make sure that the ecommerce and mcommerce functions are up to par as well.

3. The website navigation is slow and non-intuitive. Navigation, functionality and aesthetic design all go hand in hand. If the images are attractive but the navigation is slow, then the functionality is ruined. If the navigation is fast but the images are ugly, then the navigation won’t matter because of the bad aesthetics. Someone who is familiar with how these techniques work must reexamine the website and decide if the functionality is up to par. If not, then the site needs to be redesigned.

4. The website is dated and hasn’t been updated in years. Maybe the website was the best, most intuitive design ever built. In 1995. That won’t cut it anymore. If a website hasn’t been updated in over five years, then its probably time to consider a redesign no matter how well it was built. A fresh, new website indicates that the business is always willing to try new things to please their customers. It will also be an attention grabber for existing customers who are used to seeing the old, tired design.

Companies must always be willing to accept redesign as inevitable as technology changes and trends fade quickly. There are many signs that its time for a redesign, but the most important ones are a recent change in the business, a lack of satisfactory ecommerce revenue, a slow/non intuitive navigational system, and a site that hasn’t been updated in years.  Bigwig Monster Media’s experienced design agency has several low cost, affordable options that include redesign and re-branding of a variety of websites.

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