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The Importance & Impact of Mobile Commerce

It wasn’t too long ago when people began to purchase items online. For the very first time, customers could simply use their desktop computer to purchase a service instead of physically going to a designated location in order to get what they needed. The shock and amazement that first came from ecommerce has passed, and now we all take online purchases as a given. Now a day, more and more people are currently using their mobile phones instead of desktops in order to shop-which is a phenomenon known as “mobile commerce.” Here are three ways why mobile commerce is something for businesses and individuals alike to appreciate.

1. Mobile Commerce shoppers, on average, spend 10% more than regular shoppers. There are many theories as to why this happens. One is that it’s simply more convenient, and when something is convenient, it motivates customers to spend more money. Regardless of the reasons behind the 10% increase in mobile commerce sales over regular sales, businesses should remember this when developing their websites. Making sure their business is mobile friendly can create the convenient factor for customers that lead to higher profit for the business itself.

2. Mobile Commerce app developers realize that mobile apps are the next big thing to increase sales. And they have been proven right. Most businesses nowadays offer a free mobile app download. Developers for these downloads realize what mobile apps do for the customer in terms of simplifying commerce, making navigation easier, and generating increased revenue. A mobile app can filter out information from the regular website that is irrelevant for a mobile user. It makes the site more conducive to mobile commerce for the customer.

3. Mobile marketing apps expands your business beyond other older SEO methods. Search engine optimization is still vital for a businesses success, but mobile marketing is developing its place as its own SEO method. In other words, while it is still important for websites to contain important SEO keywords and content, it is becoming more important to include social media management-as that reaches more mobile customers than the former. Businesses need to keep this in mind when thinking about expanding their marketing efforts.

Mcommerce app developers and designers are very important for the expansion of businesses. Desktop computers are still important for ecommerce, but mobile commerce is the up and coming way for customers to make purchases in a convenient fashion. Businesses should implement their marketing strategy accordingly considering the wide profit margins that come from mcommerce methods.


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