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Tips for Designing Mobile Games for Children

There are many factors that go into designing mobile apps and games for children. Some of these factors include: understanding the reaction of the child playing the game, knowing whether or not the game can teach a lesson to the child, and recognizing if the game will garner enough support from parents. Here are three tips for designers looking to develop mobile games for children.

1. Designers must really understand their target audience. Have a bright, colorful, and eye-catching introductory splash screen that uses colors to get the attention of the child playing it. However, don’t design the splash screen to run for too long, as children can easily be distracted by something else while waiting to play. Next, make certain that your “settings” option does not overwhelm the targeted child. If a child  touches the “settings” option by accident, it should be easier than usual to get out of. The designers also need to understand the difference between an audience of elementary vs. high school students. Make sure to recognize the exact audience being targeted.

2. Designers must interact with the targeted audience. Children are different than adults in that they are attracted to “larger than life” objects. Designers should then focus on designing the apps in a way where everything stands out from the scene. They also need to keep their targeted audience in mind when developing audio-visual effects. Designers need to recognize what intrigues their audience from all fronts before deciding on a direct design.

 3. Designers must use some sort of a “reward” system to keep kids intrigued, learning, and coming back for more. Parents will especially be happy if apps are designed to be both challenging and rewarding from an educational standpoint. Challenging apps can teach kids new things while encouraging them to have fun, and a reward system of some type builds a child’s self esteem. Again, designers must also remember that a child in elementary school likes a different kind of challenge and reward system than a high school student does. Designers can create their apps accordingly while keeping these factors in mind.

These are some of the more important tips for designers to keep in mind when developing apps for children. Parents can also do their own research to discover other tips that may better pertain to their child. Bigwig Monster Media’s LA based, experienced design team has several affordable mobile app design options available for a wide variety of ages and learning groups.


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