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What Web Designers Can Learn From Fashion Designers

Design is design. Whether it is fashion design, art design, or web design, the goal of design remains the same: to construct an image or product in order to achieve a specific goal that garners an emotional response. Web design is a newer type of design concept that has rapidly changed in the past 20 years. Fashion design has been around since the dawn of time, and has changed drastically since mass production and the Industrial Revolution. Here are some lessons that web designers can learn from fashion designers, and how their observations can help further their professional career.

1. Time and money saving tools are key.  In fashion design, inventions like the sewing machine allow clothing to be made quicker than by hand. Web designers should look to all available digital tools that can help them get the job done faster at a low cost as well.

2. Trendsetting can be both expensive and risky, and nobody begrudges a quality knockoff. If you want to be a trendsetter, try it for personal projects to see if your ideas work with a general population. But if you are designing websites for clients, understand the current trends available and create your website based on that. If the site is well constructed and looks great, nobody will begrudge you for not being a trendsetter.

3. Good designers market well. Fashion designers use runways, magazines, commercials, and retail to sell their product. Web designers use SEO, social marketing, and social media to get the word out about their product that they are selling through their design.

4. First impressions are everything. Web designers can think of it like this: What is the first word you would like your users to think of when they see your design? Good answers would be: organized, fun, attractive, and intriguing. Fashion designers would probably want similar answers as well.

5. There’s has to be a purpose for every type of design. Fashion designers understand that their goal is to sell clothing and start trends. Web designers must know that their goal is to reach targeted audiences by relaying specific services and products.

Web designers can learn quite a bit from the fashion design industry.  Fashion designers understand how to use time and cost saving tools to their advantage. They understand the importance of trends in design and how a good knockoff can be just as useful. Marketing, first impressions, and a strong, cohesive purpose to design are all important points that fashion designers follow as well. Bigwig Monster Media’s Orange County based web design team has several low cost options that encompass all the new design trends and tools available.

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