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Why a Good 404 Page is Important for Any Business Website

A 404 error message is one of those unfortunate experiences that every business  in our web savvy industrial world faces. The message happens as a result of a connection failure that occurs when a customer is able to connect with a host provider, but the host provider has errors on his side that interfere with the connection.  Often it happens when a user tries to follow a dead link, or one that has been disconnected. Some confuse a 404 error message with a website malfunction, when, in fact, it is more the connection itself that creates the message rather than the actual website. However, a good web design and hosting agency can help a business handle 404 pages with grace.

A professional web designer can create a catchy, funny, or entertaining 404 Error page that can help any business overcome this common technical difficulty.  As tech savvy as most businesses try to be in the digital age, we are still human, and the error page can happen to the best of us. So rather than a droll error page, wouldn’t it be better for your customer to be amused with a creative 404 error page?  After all, the  goal of good web design is to entice the customer to stay on and interact with your website.  If done craftily, a good 404 page can project a human side of the technical failure and can convince the customer to be a little more forgiving and return to your site.

Furthermore, the catchy error page says something more about the business at large than anything else. Using a technological failure to advance a brand, idea, or company motto can be a way to make lemonade out of lemons. Interacting with the customer when they are most annoyed, and being able to keep that customer, is a challenge within itself. But it can work to the benefit of the company, as everyone enjoys a little self-degradation. We are on a computer and expect to see a robotic answer when something goes wrong, just as we are used to hearing a robot instructing us to press “1” on a recorded telephone call.  We are pleasantly surprised and amused when we see something that brings a little life to a technical difficulty. People tend to be more patient with humans than robots.  The goal is to try to retain your customers attention, so don’t risk losing them. If a visitor has the unfortunate luck of reaching a 404 page, let an experienced web designer create an attention grabbing page to reel them back in!

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