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Why Web Design is a Recession Proof Business

Web design companies represent an up and coming industry, which has expanded massively in the past 15 years. Since 2008, our economy has not completely dug itself out from a persistent and debilitating recession that has stifled a lot of innovation throughout the country. However, many would argue that web design companies have managed to stay above the fray and flourish despite this poor economic environment. Here are some of the reasons why many argue that web design will continue to grow as an industry regardless of economic circumstances.

1. Web usage is at an all time high and continues to grow. More and more companies and individuals are accessing the Internet. There are several reasons why this is true, including convenience and cost. Because web usage continues to climb among the general population, more companies find it valuable to put their services online to service their customers. For this reason alone, web design companies will always be in business so they can help companies create their own market place.

2. In tough economic times, businesses do what they have to do to reinvent themselves and remain relevant. If a business wants to remain relevant during an economic downturn, they will have to keep up to date with what most other companies are doing. Reinventing oneself as a company, which includes redesigning your brand or website, can help bring business and attention to yourself. The investment that needs to be made to do this is often a small price to pay if the return on investment will be higher in the long run.

3. Web design companies are not subject to certain exporting trends that occur with other companies during recessions. Manufacturing in the United States has decreased significantly in recent years regardless of whether the economy is good or bad. But during a recession, more and more jobs are shipped overseas because it is cheaper to do business there than it is to do it here. Web design companies don’t face this hurdle because a company that needs a web design won’t necessarily find it cheaper to get a design overseas then it would here. Therefore, most companies will continue to hire American web designers, and the industry will continue to survive.

Of course, if a web design company isn’t run well, and can’t compete within its own industry, nothing will ensure that it stays in business, despite how good or bad the economy is. But creative industries such as graphic design and web design will flourish above other manufacturing or struggling industries in an economic downturn for these very simple reasons listed above.

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