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Why Your Brand Deserves an Experience Design Agency.

Your company and its brand are what drive customers to you. The experience that consumers and clients have with your brand can have a huge impact on how powerful it is in the marketplace, how much traction you get through word of mouth and social media, and ultimately your bottom line. This is why your brand deserves a Design Agency that can create experiential marketing campaigns to make your brand stand out amidst the crowd.

An Experience Design Agency knows how to take a brand and make it an experience. For example, Bigwig assisted Ford with a portable sweepstakes engine called Motorvator, featured at their sponsored events. Bigwig provided design, flash development and a content management system (CMS) to create this exciting, interactive slot machine; Located on physical touch-screen kiosks, participants could utilize the interface to interact with the brand and instantly win prizes!

We also programmed the kiosks to sync up to a master database, allowing Ford administrators to review daily statistics about users and automatically update sweepstakes through the CMS we created. The experience of the users was easy and exciting; combined with a functional design and CMS, it became a consumer experience that could drive leads to Ford with an easy system to manage the process.

An Experience Design Agency that provides graphic and logo design, website and mobile app development, as well as technology to assist with CMS and mobile commerce, can be incredibly valuable to a brand. By integrating functional technology with user-friendly experiences and powerful graphics, you get an all-around effective campaign that will wow your customers.

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