The Objective

Ryan Seacrest is a man of all trades. He's a radio personality, television host, and producer of several shows. Best known for his role as American Idol host and morning show host of the radio program, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, there’s no part of the entertainment scene that Ryan hasn’t tried his hand at. Ryan has a personal website that offers podcasts of his radio shows and links to current entertainment news and videos. We were more than happy to be able to help Ryan redevelop and maintain his website.


Ryan Seacrest approached Bigwig Monster to redevelop the Word Press-based website and maximize its performance. We fine-tuned the website so that it conformed to the original specifications, and we optimized the Word Press back-end to enable the website to handle the extremely heavy traffic load that it typically generates. To help balance server load, we also transferred the website to a custom four server setup that includes a load balancer, two web servers and a database server.