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The Objective

A New Take on the Slot Machine

Ford Motor Company was looking for a fun slot machine experience for events where everyone was a winner, but with a twist. They wanted multiple kiosks at multiple events around the country. Each event would have thousands of small giveaways and only 2-3 large, expensive prizes. They needed more than a cool game, they needed a system that would manage all of this from one central location.


A Custom CMS Gaming System

To deliver this product, we developed a full-blown, custom Content Management System that backed the fun slot machine game we designed. Complete with custom real-time reporting/analytics, the ability to add and manage events and locations, assign kiosks and prizes to each location and set prize categories of Easy, Medium and Hard.

Each kiosk would sync up with a master database before and during the event and be delivered the prizes that it could give out during a day with the prize distribution being managed by the custom prize-distribution engine we built on the central server.

The end product was a fun, engaging game experience for customers with a completely custom and fully integrated management system for Ford.

Demo Reel

We’ve had a long-term relationship with Bigwigmonster. Bigwigmonster is a great and super-professional service provider, which brought new technologies, new methodology, and a fresh perspective to our project.

Bill Ford Jr

Chairman of Ford Motor

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