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The Objective

A Custom Slot Machine Experience

DC Shoes wanted to give their event attendees a fun, engaging slot machine game where everyone was a winner with different prize levels. They wanted to feature a double-down challenge that allowed a player to spin the wheel and then double-down for a chance at a better prize by answering some trivia within the slot machine game.


Building an Interactive Game with a Little Risk Involved

We went to work with DC Shoes and created an interactive slot machine that allowed players the opportunity to play for a chance to win prizes, double-down and risk it all for a better prize and ultimately learn more about DC Shoes' products in a fun environment.

The game was synced up to a central database server, which allowed DC Shoes to see who was playing, what prizes were being won and what level of interaction the game had all in real time, with full analytics and reporting built in.

Demo Reel

We’ve had a long-term relationship with Bigwigmonster. Bigwigmonster is a great and super-professional service provider, which brought new technologies, new methodology, and a fresh perspective to our project.

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