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Custom Games with a Twist

Designed for You

Our custom games are designed and built to your specifications and can be AR/VR, puzzles, runners, escape rooms, skill based and more.

Ready-to-Go Options

If you’re in need of something ASAP, we have tons of games that are pre-made and can be quickly custom themed, branded and launched for you.

Custom Analytics

All of our games are built into our Monster Data Capture CMS and provide powerful analytics and reporting tools.

Seamless User Experience

Avoid requiring players to fill out forms to play games. Our games allow players to simply scan a QR code to start playing and by doing so give you full reporting on all of their information.

Partner with Us for the Best Games

Get the most innovative and addictive games with the most seamless playing experience for your events!

Custom Built or

Get your game custom designed and built for your event or choose from one of our many ready-to-go games that can be quickly themed, branded and launched.

  • Whether you have an idea for your custom game or you want to lean on our expertise, we will help you create an amazing game that your customers love
  • Ready-to-Go games can be turned out in a matter of days for those tight deadlines

Better Analytics

All of our games integrate directly with our Monster Data Capture CMS system and have custom reporting and analytics that show you real-time stats on customer profiles, who is playing, who is winning and any other metric you want to track.

  • Get real-time reporting on all aspects of game play
  • Use Monster Data Capture to connect your games to multiple events and track granular metrics from each event as well as entire campaigns

Seamless Game Play

The days of filling out a data entry form to play each game are gone. Let your customers easily play your games by simply scanning a QR code to initiate gameplay.

  • Track and measure all player contact information without requiring them to fill out endless forms to play games
  • Allow players to “magically” start a game by simply scanning a QR code and then see a custom message addressed to them on the game screen

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