The Insta Collage is our latest innovation.

Its Interactive technology empowers your audience to tell their story along your brand message

Branded collages that live on your customers' walls.

Imaging the power of having your brand message on your customer's wall where they can see it everyday. The Insta Collage seamlessly integrates your logo, theme and message with a customer's personal Instagram photos for something that will be framed and hung in every customer's home.

The Insta Collage

How it works:

Get Started With 5 Simple Steps

The Insta Collage Kiosks

Users step up to our kiosks (iPad, mobile device) and select one of your customized branded collage templates.

Unique Collage Creation

They're directed to the Instagram portal where our technology creates a unique collage from their own posts.

Digital Copies to Share

Our system generates a digital copy of the collage which is both emailed to the user and sent to our live print cue. The collage is printed using our commercial high-speed printers on high quality photo poster paper.

High-Resolution Print

Each high-resolution print is frame-ready and can be produced on-site in a matter of minutes.

Personalized Experience

You can quickly connect customers with the unique, personalized experience that bears your brand and establishes you as a must-see destination.


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