How it works

Built on a Data First CMS

Create Events On-The-Fly

The Monster Data Capture application gives you the flexibility to build your events quickly and easily, adding all event locations, connected applications, etc. from one convenient admin tool.

Custom Data Capture Forms

Using the admin tool you can build customized data entry forms for each of your events, capturing exactly the data from your customers that your business needs for everything from intelligent follow up to full analytics.

Real Time Data & Analytics

Full reporting & analytics for all data collected, sorted by event and location is available in real-time. Giving you a full picture of your customer's journey through your event, interaction points and overall experience.

Built in Reporting Engine

A custom, built-in reporting engine makes generating specialized event/attendee reports a breeze.

The Details

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Custom Everything

Analytics build your way, customized to the data you want to track from your event. Monster Data Capture not only captures your customer's data via the data capture iPad app and corresponding QR-enabled web forms, but we also follow their journey throughout the event so that you can measure all the engagements, games and applications they interact with, prizes they win and all other metrics that are essential to your business.

  • Customized, real-time data analytics and reporting
  • Allows you to track not just attendees but their entire experience at your event
  • Full API integration allowing other games and applications to connect and send data to be tracked

A completely reengineered app experience

We've thought of everything when building Monster Data Capture, from the ability to simultaneously manage multiple events to the seamless integration and data tracking of all event games and applications from one convenient dashboard. And network downtime is a thing of the past, as Monster Data Capture stores all data locally as well as pushing it up to the master server in real-time.

With Monster Data Capture, you're covered in any situation and you can rest easy, knowing that your customer's data is safe and secure.

  • Quickly create your custom forms using our easy point-and-click CMS interface
  • Load the iPad app, login and select your new data entry form
  • The iPad is now setup and ready to collect attendee data
  • So easy, it can be done 15 minutes before your event starts!

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